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                                                                                                                     Summer 2015

   Thomas J. Brett, Ph.D.
   Associate Professor
   Internal Medicine
   Associate Professor
   Cell Biology and Physiology

   Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Structural Biology Program
   Immunology Program
   BioMedRAP Program

   University Committees and Lectures

   Biochemistry and Biophysics Steering Committee (2011-present)
   Biochemistry and Biophysics Admissions Committee (2015-present)
   Bio5456 Structural Biophysics - Lecturer (2012-)
   Bio5011 Ethics and Research Science - Faculty Discussion Leader (2012)
   Bio5328 Structural Biology Journal Club - Co-Coursemaster (2012-)
   Bio53XX Biochemistry of Infectious Disease - Co-Coursemaster (2015-)
   CIMED Diseases of Membrane Transport and Excitability - Lecturer (2014- )
   Co-Director, Structural Biology Core (2016- )

 Monica Sala-Rabanal - Research Faculty (Cell Biology & Physiology)
 Kayla Berry - Graduate Student (MSTP/Immunology)

Colin Kluender - Rotation Student (BBSB)

                                        Former Members
 Zeynep Yurtsever - (2011-2016) PhD Biochemistry, AHA Predoc Fellow (2014-2016); Current: Postdoc, Harvard (Mike Eck)  Dan Kober- Graduate Student (2012-2017, PhD Microbiology) AHA Predoc Fellow (2015-2017); Current: AHA Postoc Fellow, UT Southwestern (Dan Rosenbaum)

Pranusha Atuluru - Undergraduate (Georgia Tech)
Amgen Scholar (2018)

Ian Henderson - High School Student
Summer (2018)

Alyssa Foy - High School Student
Young Scientist Program (2017)

Cyrianne Keutcha - Undergraduate (Georgia State U)
Amgen Scholar (2016)
Current Position: PhD Student, Harvard

Abner Gonzalez - Undergraduate Student
AMGEN Scholar (2015)
Current Position: PhD student, UT Southwestern

Nicole Fazio (Rotation Student - 2015)
Current position: PhD Student - Lohman Lab (Biochemistry)

Alvin Su (2013-2015)
Undergraduate Student - Major: Biology, Mathematics
Current Position: Medical student

Natalie Omattage (Rotation Student - 2012)
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (2013-2016)
Current Position: PhD Student- Hultgren Lab (Microbiology)

Britney Johnson (Rotation Student - 2012)
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (2013-2016)
Current Position: PhD Student- Amarasinghe Lab (Immunology)

Brandford Adobaw - Undergraduate Student (2014)
AMGEN Scholar (2014)
Current Position: Medical College of Georgia, Medical student

Kelsey Wanhainen - Undergraduate Student (2013)
Leadership Alliance Scholar (2013)
Current Position: U of Minnesota, MD/PhD Student

David Randolph (2010-2013)
Undergraduate Student - Major: Biology, Biochemistry
Current Position: UNC Chapel Hill, Medical Student

Chantel Miller (2010-12)
Undergraduate Student - Major: Biology, Political Science
BioMedRAP Scholar (2011)
Current Position: Analyst, Mattersight Corporation (Chicago)

Ryan Christman (Undergraduate Student- 2012)
AMGEN Scholar (2012)

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